Thanks for joining me!

“Motherhood: it ain’t for the faint-hearted” —- quote is my own, said by me, after a gin some gins.

To be fair, this is a polite take on my favourite ever parenting quote made by a lovely friend of mine to another mutual friend (pregnant with her first child) over a Sunday roast. Only, what she said to our heavily pregnant mate (who had just asked us what motherhood was really like and was sat starry eyed with optimism waiting for our glowing reply) was, in fact:

“Parenthood?!…It’s FXXKING relentless!”. As I almost choked on a roastie, I couldn’t help but think, never has a truer statement been said, ha!

So this, here, is my blog. My little testament to this crazy, relentless, joyous and all-consuming thing called motherhood (read, fatherhood, if you are reading this and are a father ‘cos…you know…inclusive) x


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