Thanks for joining me!

“Motherhood: it ain’t for the faint-hearted” said by me, after a gin some gins.

To be fair, this is a polite take on my favourite ever parenting quote made by a lovely friend of mine to another mutual friend (pregnant with her first child) over a Sunday roast. Only, what she said to our heavily pregnant mate (who had just asked us what motherhood was really like and was sat starry-eyed with optimism waiting for our glowing reply) was, in fact:

“Parenthood?!…It’s FXXKING relentless!”. As I almost choked on a roastie, I couldn’t help but think, never has a truer statement been said, ha!

So this, here, is my blog. My little testament to this crazy, relentless, joyous and all-consuming thing called motherhood (read, fatherhood, if you are reading this and are a father ‘cos…you know…inclusive) x


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